Vagabonding im Schwarzwald

Act – I One of the joys in India was the ability to rely on some mode of transport availability even in the remote corners of the country. And given that most public transports were cheap, this doubled up as a reliable backbone for pseudo-vagabonds like me. Language, company, cost and the transport availability hindered […]

Real Virtual Reality

The path ahead is twisting and turning, But the lights on either side are glittering, Keeping the darkness at bay to drive at ease, No soul in sight, and that’s not any surprise Who will come out so deep in the dark, And risk to be frisked away as a fugitive. Memories of childhood comes […]

The curse of dimensionality

The air was cold and the sky still grey, All signs in place for a beautiful day. The lake was calm, the water warm, The fear was shed, as the dresses fell dead, The sun came out, to give us a shout, The start of a break, in the Gerardmer Lake. The soothing warmth and […]

Sapiens: Book review

This is a review of the book, Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari after one reading. More than a review it is a sort of meandering of my thoughts based on my notes while reading the book. In one of his talk show appearances, Harari talks about how he spends 2 hours a day meditating, as […]

Bahubali – 2: reactions

MILD SPOILERS ahead I’m usually not a fan of movies, but I counted on a lot of non-movie factors in motivating myself to watch Bahubali – 2, including the fact that it was about watching a Tamil movie in a cinema hall in France. The two main things at the end of the movie were: […]